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Is DBT For You?

Do you have problems controlling your emotions?
Would you describe yourself as moody?
Do you find that you get angry very quickly?

Do you feel that your relationships are out of control?
Do you frequently worry about being abandoned, disconnected with other people?

Do you find that what you do depends totally on your mood?
Do you have trouble with any of these behaviors:
suicide attempts, self-injurious acts, alcohol or drug abuse, over- or under-eating?

Do you have trouble knowing who you are?
Do you feel empty inside?

DBT is a comprehensive treatment program. It involves:

  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Group skills training
  • Telephone skills coaching

The individual therapy usually occurs weekly. The skills training group meets weekly for 1.5 hours. In order to participate in the program, you need to commit to attending both individual therapy with a DBT-trained clinician and the skills training group each week.

Questions? Contact:
Barbara Rachel, LCSW
Kimball Health Center
333 Lincoln Street
Saco, ME 04072